What is gopod.me?


Gopod.me is a podcast sharing platform made by podcasters for podcasters.

Do you know how many different listening platforms are out there?


A lot. 

Sorry, not just a lot, we mean A LOT.


Every time you share a new episode on your social media using a couple of links, you organically lose up to 40% of your potential audience.


With gopod.me, you can share just one link and reach 100% of your audience.


Every time you add an episode to your show, we find it and we add it automagically to your page.


Quick, automatic, free.


And it doesn’t stop here.

With a lot of personalized features such as getting subscribers, attach facebook pixel for remarketing, add links to amazon products you’re selling and much more, it has never been so simple and easy to create and manage a personal podcast website.

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