I haven’t received the verification link. How can I solve this?


Probably the email you entered for claiming ownership does not match the email in the RSS feed.


One possible reason for not receiving the email with the verification link is that an auto-generated email address could be displayed in your RSS feed, especially if your podcast is hosted on Anchor, Audioboom, Pippa, or SoundCloud. 


To check what the email address is displayed in your RSS feed, you can open the RSS URL and search for <itunes: email> tag in the Google Chrome desktop browser. If a regular web page is displayed instead of a text-based RSS feed written in XML, you need to right-click and choose “View Page Source”.   


You can update this email address using your hosting provider’s service. Here are some useful references for how to update the email address for different hosting sites.


Anchor: Please contact Anchor’s support at help@anchorfm.zendesk.com for assistance: ask them to change the email associated with your RSS. Alternatively, you can try this procedure.


SoundCloud: Display an email address in your RSS feed


Pipp​a: Go to the Settings tab and update “Owner Email” and then save


Audioboom: Go to the “Distribution” section of your podcast page and then check the box for “Publish author email address.”


BlogTalkRadio: Go to the settings section and then choose the gear button for updating your email address. https://help.blogtalkradio.com/en/articles/1539931-how-do-i-change-my-email-address-and-display-name


Spreaker: Go to the setting section to choose “Change email” and then save.  (https://help.spreaker.com/kb/rss-feed/spreaker-podcasts-feed-and-how-to-customize-rss); if you need more help, here’s a guide on how to change the email on Spreaker.


Buzzsprout: Change email address in RSS feed


Please note that you need to claim your podcast again after the RSS email substitution.


If you still have trouble finding the right email address, please contact your hosting provider for further assistance.

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