How to Claim my podcast


It’s really easy to claim your podcast page on Claiming your page will give you access to the dashboard, where you can customize your page and use all features!


1. Go on and in the search bar type in your show



2. Press on “Claim this podcast” and wait few seconds.




3. You’ll see a popup like this 👇 Click on “Claim It”.


claim podcast page


If the popup doesn’t appear, press on the “Claim this podcast” box inside your page.



4. Before completing the claim process you need to register or login and then verify the real ownership of the podcast.


register or login to claim this podcast


You will receive an email to your email address associated with your feed RSS. This is the safest method to verify your ownership.


Some hosting don’t let you choose the email for your podcast and assign a default address. In order to complete our verification process, you need to have access to that email. If you don’t, you can easily change in your hosting dashboard. Follow these steps to learn how to change your email if you host on Spreaker or Anchor.


5. Click on the verification button in the email and… that’s it.


Now you have the complete control of your podcast page on

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