How to change the listening platforms for my podcast



By default, shows all the exiting listening platform. 

The listeners will see on one page your whole presence online; this is an outstanding advantage for you.

What does it mean for you? 

  1. They will choose their favorite platforms.
  2. You will increase your listening rate. 


If you desire to hide, for personal reasons, some platforms you have only to access to your account and select ‘manage’ under the corresponding show.


Then the dashboard will show up with the “Listening Platforms” feature on the left column.

Pick it to open and manage the page.


You will see a list of platforms, turn the status from enabled to disabled by clicking on the ‘visible’ button. 

Save it, the related platform/platforms will disappear from the list on the podcast page.


Can I change the URL for a platform, if it has been updated/modified?

Yes, sure. That is easy: you can edit or update the new URL in the dedicated box under each listening platform.


Remember to click on ‘save’ after every change. Otherwise, the updates will not be valid.

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