How can I add social media links on my page?


Show your social media presence on your podcast page is easy and fast with Use this feature to improve your marketing strategy and help your listeners to find you online in just one click!


Log in and click on the ‘manage’ button related to the show. Inside the dashboard on the left column, you will find the feature: select it.

The management board will appear. The option is set on disabled by default, so you need to click on the button to enable it.

The list of social media channels will show up.


As before proceed to enable the channels to add and modify them through the button ‘disabled’ (the status is on disabled by default because each podcaster has different needs).


Copy and paste the social media URL in the corresponding box. 

Then have a quick check if everything is as you desire and click on save.

Do you have a new social media channel? Repeat the procedure and add it to your podcast page!


You need to hide one or more social media channels because, for example, you are less active on them?

Go on the dashboard and disable them in the social media feature.

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