Analyze your podcast performance



Once you logged in and selected the show, you will find the analytics option inside your dashboard on the left column.


This feature is available only with our Paid Plans.


In the analytics view, you can observe the following KPIs: Users, Page views per day, Total clicks, Listening Rate, Click per platform, View per source, Views per Country and the devices used by users.

You can find the reference period on the top right.


With the Marketer and Creator plans, you’ll have access to data from the latest 7 days, with the Advanced plan the latest 60 days and with the Unlimited plan you’ll see data for every period of time!


Therefore we suggest upgrading your plan to manage different timescales because this will give you a more deep view of the audience’s attitude.

The more you know your audience, the more your promotional marketing activities will be precise and efficient.




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