Add external links to your podcast page



With you can add additional links, which are related to other presence online, e.g. a special section for your listeners, or to your other activities, such as an event, a shop, etc.


To manage those links, you have to go on the left column of the dashboard and select ‘ personal links’.

The option is set on disabled by default, so you need to click on the button to enable it. 


The page will show you on the left the boxes, where you can modify the information, and on the right a preview of the buttons on the page. 


Now follow these steps in the dedicated area:

  1. Insert a title/name for the button.
  2. Paste the URL you want to promote.
  3. Click ‘Add Link’.
  4. Repeat the sequence for furthers links.
  5. Check the preview.
  6. Save it.


The buttons will appear on your page!

Remember that you can add up to 3 links.

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